Check registration limit, present message if reached

January 6, 2016 6:07 pm

Add check to see if registration limit has been reached, and if it has been reached, gracefully show that webinar is full. Possibly show other times for same webinar.

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  • I think a great idea would be to put the token key generation instructions that you have above in that box in the setup screen within the admin dashboard.

  • Hi! I am following up from our Twitter exchange.  I am not seeing the option to in the SETTINGS area, but everything appears to have installed correctly.


  • Hmm, strange. Just to confirm, do you see this tab?


    It looks like you’re scrolled down in the screen you posted so I can’t tell for sure if there is anything above the Constant Contact.

    If you don’t see the GoToWebinar settings tab, can you post which version of the Woo Addon you are using? Should be listed in Plugins section of WP-Admin.


  • I just saw on twitter that there was a response but I am not seeing it.  Please advise.

  • No I don’t see that option 

    the WooBox version is Version 2.2.10

  • @JMTCon – Do you have WooCommerce installed? Never heard of WooBox until you posted it, but our plugin is designed to work with WooCommerce and WooCommerce’s built in coupon system. That might be issue…

  • We have the premium version installed and for some reason the shortcode is not showing the form. It orginally did but then it dissapeared and we cant get it to come back. I have tried to debug for plugin conflicts but have found none. Has this happened to anyone else??

  • @bonnieevans – Can you list 1) WordPress version and 2) Plugin version?

  • Brandon – as far as MailChimp, do you just type the name of the list as it appears in mailchimp, or is there some sort of special code to send the registration to a specified list?  Everything else is working just fine, but for the life of me i cannot get it to auto send the info over to MailChimp.

    ~ Kristi Stewart