G2W Premium

April 11, 2016 7:01 pm

Major Features:

– added ‘include_ids=’ to shortcode
– added ‘exclude_ids=’ to shortcode
– added ‘days=’ to shortcode

The purpose of this update is to allow customers to control what appears in the dropdown list generated by the already existing shortcode ‘type=list’. Example usages are:

[register_webinar type=list exclude_ids=”504637728055597059″ include_ids=”” days=””]
[register_webinar type=list exclude_ids=”” include_ids=”504637728055597059, 3519221534487097859″ days=””]
[register_webinar type=list exclude_ids=”” include_ids=”” days=”30″]

You can form several different combinations of specific ids to include as well as the number of days into the future you want to include. We hope everyone finds this feature useful and if you have any questions please post them in the Support tab on this site. Thank you!

Learn more about this feature in Documentation

This release fulfilled Feature Request: Update type=list to sort webinars that appear in dropdown

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