Plugin sends double emails (_gtwp_g2w_inc.php — Lines:1381-1385)

March 15, 2018 5:38 pm

File: _gtwp_g2w_inc.php
$mailer = WC()->mailer();
$email = $mailer->emails[‘WC_Email_New_Order’];

For some reason this is sending two emails. I had to comment these lines out in order for WooCommerce’s emails to be predictable (and not doubled up).

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  • 1-week follow-up bump.

    Any info on this? I noticed the code below the mentioned code is already commented out (for completed orders, not invoices) so I’m wondering if this used to send double emails for completed emails, too? I just need to confirm this is okay to comment out / isn’t needed for something bigger that I’m not seeing.

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