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February 4, 2019 7:42 pm


We’ve been running GoToWP for almost 12 months and not really had any major issues until today. The plugin is causing our site to run so slow we’ve had to deactivate it. Up to now its been working great. We’ve had no recent changes in the site setup and no other plugins installed that might cause a conflict.

Has there been any related issues regarding speed.


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  • Hi, thanks for post! Can you please provide which version you are using? Also, if you can send WP Admin to help@gotowp.com we can take a look to see what might be causing issue. Thanks!

  • We are using version 3.1.0 of gotowp and version 5.0.3 of wordpress.

    I’ve posted the login details to help@gotowp.com

  • Hi again,

    this is has been running ok for a few days and now its causing our website to run very slow. We’ve disabled the plugin and it works fine.

    any recommendations?


  • The same here. I have found issue root. It was calling API on every page load inf function gotowp_premium_logmein_refresh_api_call() in file _gtwp_g2w_inc.php line:184
    I had to revert to plugin old version.
    this is not only issue it has.

    This plugin saves all registrants data in wp_options table as option and for options it is huge size to have it is not acceptable to have option with size with few MB.
    It also sets options autoload to “yes” which means it loads those huge options with registrants data on every page load.

    Frustrated how it works

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