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March 7, 2018 7:11 pm


Customer purchases webinar.
Live webinar is recorded.
Recording is associated with webinar that customer previously purchased.
Customer wants to watch recording.
They login to our website and go to their Account Page.
They click the Join Now button associated with that webinar.
This takes them to a page that says the webinar has ended.

I have tried changing the product type to recording. Now the button says ‘watch webinar’. Clicking the button still takes them to the ‘webinar has ended’ page.

How do I ensure that people that previously paid for a live webinar now have access to its associated recording?


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  • Hi Carol,

    Thanks for the well articulated post! You’ve done everything correct, EXCEPT you still need to replace the webinar ID # to the recording ID #. Please see for more information on where to get the recording ID in your GoToWebinar account. Thanks and please let us know if you have additional questions.

    Have a great day!

  • Hi Gotowp,

    Many thanks for your help and super quick response.

    I’ve taken your suggestion and replaced the webinar ID with the recording ID. I made sure cache and cookies are cleared but I am still be taken to the ‘webinar has ended’ page. When I hover over the ‘view webinar’ button, Chrome displays the URL I’m about to go to as:********************/*********

    The 19 digit ID number in that URL is the original webinar ID not the new recording ID that I just entered and saved. The correct number is still showing in admin after I logout and back in so it seems to have saved.

    Also, the URL still says ‘join’; is this correct?

    Not sure what to try next.


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