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August 15, 2015 3:30 am

Hello!  This looks like a great plugin.  I have a few questions…

1. I read that GoToWebinar offers an option for manual approval of people who register for a webinar and pay through PayPal.  We don’t want this for our needs and would like people to have a seamless automated process for registration, PayPal payment and an automated email that has the link for the specific webinar that the person registered for.  Is this possible with your plugin?

2. Will I need to set up the webinars for our needs in both WordPress and in GoToWebinar or is there a way to auto populate new webinars from GoToWebinar into the WordPress list of webinars?  Essentially, do I need to set things up twice?


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  • @sweattea – thanks for reaching out via email last week. I’ll post my response here as well.

    1) Yes, automated payment and registration G2W and G2T is what our plugin does.

    2) Initially, you do not have to setup twice as the latest version of the plugin imports your Citrix items directly into WordPress. As time passes and webinars are in the past, there is some slight maintenance required to convert webinars to “recordings” as Citrix treats webinars and recordings as two separate items and you have to update the ID number in WordPress to identify the product as a recording.

    Hope that helps. Thanks again and have a good day.


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