Auto complete form. Is this possible?

May 6, 2014 9:52 am

Hi!. We have the free version and it works fine. We have used some plugins before and this is the only one who works.
Our question is: would be possible to auto complete the form with the name, lastname and email hosted in the wordpress user list?. We are trying to make a button who makes all the work: if you push it, it should open de form, auto complete with the user account data, and send it to citrix.
Thank you very much for the support, (and excuse our english, we are from spain).

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  • I am sure this is possible, however, it’s not on our immediate development milestones. I have noted it for future feature enhancements, but can’t make any guarantees if, or when, we might get to it. Thanks for using the plugin and please let me know if you have any further questions I can help with.

  • Hi,

    Are there any plans to support this feature?
    we would also like to make it easier for logged members to register to our webminars without having to fill-in their information again. It seems that the plugin could pre-populate the fields with the logged user information.


  • @gotowp-user – Hi! If you’re using the Woo Commerce integration, you should be able to capitalize on Woo’s ability to save customer info in the checkout form. Not sure if that’s exactly what you’re looking for, but we have other customers using that approach and it seems to work quite well.

  • we are not using Woo Commerce.

    we are interested in offering free courses to registered users only. So no Woo Commerce integration would be necessary as there would be no check-out procedure.

    would it be possible for us to pre-populate the registration fileds (email and name) ? and make those fields hidden and still be processed by the gotowp registration plugin.

    would it be necessary for us to modify the plugin?


  • What you’re requesting isn’t currently a feature. Given the nature of WordPress, you are welcome to customize as you see fit, however, please note that we do not provide support or troubleshooting for customers who undertake a customization project. Our development plan has been to not duplicate features of other popular plugins, but to develop ours to work nicely with them. As a result, we don’t foresee implementing this in the future, but you are welcome to check back under the Release Notes to see how features progress. Thanks!

  • @gotowp-user – sorry, may have misunderstood you. You’re simply wanting someone with a WordPress user account on your site (Subscriber, Admin, etc) to login and have their basic details populate the registration form? Apologies if that went over our head in previous response 🙂

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