Cannot activate API Key. No API resources available.

June 30, 2020 10:34 am

I am getting this error for 1 hr. What do I need to do to get it to work?

Thanks in advance..

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  • Dear team,
    As per your suggestion to create a new Consumer Key & Consumer Secret and save the details with “Re-connect with gotomeeting” after that i have create a new meeting in goto meeting then i have select the button in “sync with the meeting” but showing in no meeting found. in there any mistake for process error. kindly check this and do the needful.


  • fixed sync issue, please check

  • Dear team,
    Thanks for your response and now it working fine, I have some doubt for your product in integration with my site facing of issue.

    1. how that API key should be deactivated which mean my side no one change then how is possible.
    2. why the meeting I’d not fetching for before your side fix this issue.
    3. The above two things in future happen how to we handle it.
    4. In that we have setup in demo only after live process in that any issues raise for domain validation or key validation.
    5. Which file we have don’t change for your product.

    We are waiting for your response


  • Hi,

    1. not sure about reason but it happens very few time. if it happens again please email us and we will fix it
    2. we have made fixes to plugin so this should not happen again
    3. hopefully it wont happen, but if happens please email us, we will sort this it out asap
    4. you have to deactivate it on demo first and then activate on live version
    5. ?

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