Can’t see registration form on webpage

May 21, 2015 3:17 pm

Hi — I’m setting up the free version so that my client can get an idea of how this will work on their website and am expecting that they will purchase the paid version — but I can’t get the registration form to work.    This will be for GoToTraining.

I’ve input shortcode like this:    [register_free_training id=3333052218505772545 pageid=4649]
For the following training –

And have also input the Organizer Key and Access Token..

This looks to be a promising solution to having customers register for training on their website —
Any help is appreciated!!

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  • I’d verify you are using the correct key / token. Did you generate at by clicking the G2T button? We’ve had 3 instances in the last couple weeks were people either 1) didn’t click the correct button or 2) entered the wrong key token combo or 3) transposed the key / token so that’s the first thing I’d double check. Have a good weekend!

  • [img][/img]

  • I’ve rechecked my shortcode and regenerated the key/token; I think I have everything correct.

    The shortcode is on a page on my website — using the training id from the registration page on GoToTraining, corrrect?   And then for the page_id, I use the page id from the ThankYou page that is on my website.

    I have to be missing somethign here…just can’t figure out what!
    Thank you!!

  • Hi Kathy,

    You may be using the wrong training ID number. Please see the screenshot below and confirm you are using the correct id #.

    Thanks and let me know!


  • That was it!   Thanks for all your help!

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