Clean Webinar Old Data

May 16, 2019 3:44 pm


What does the new Clean Webinar Old Data button do?

I’m wondering because while everything is working great on the front end, the Manage your Webinars section of the Admin page is not syncing – its showing # registrants 0 for all current webinars.

I have added the consumer key and secret.
I have clicked the reconnect button.
I have clicked the sync button.
I have cleared the WPEngine cache.

WordPress 5.2
GoToWP 3.3.0 – just updated this morning. did not help as the situation was the same in 3.2.1
Genesis Framework 2.10.1

Will clicking the new Clean Webinar Old Data fix this problem or will I wipe out all my settings and then need to start over?

Any ideas for me.

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