Configuration Issues

June 15, 2016 3:41 pm

System Info:

Wordpress 4.1.1
Woocommerce 2.5.2
GoToWP Bundle(Paid)
Using paypal to process payments from WooCommerce.

We’re using GoToTraining to offer pay per Webinars that we put on and we’re trying to use the plugin to sell the upcoming webinars through our website. We’d like for them to be able to register and pay through our website instead of using the GoToTraining. I’ve got the plugin communicating with the GoToTraining account and our payments being processed. I’m having a couple issues I need assistance with.

1) I’ve set up the Universal Pricing to a set price however every time I refresh the listing and create the products, the pricing is listed at $1. The box is checked for universal pricing under the GoToTraining tab.
2) Is there a plan to set the refresh and/or add products to an automatic method?
3) Is there a more encompassing knowledge base for the plugin?
4) When registering for a GoToTraining upcoming webinar and once you’ve paid the item shows in the account on our wordpress site just fine. When I login to the backend admin control panel of GoToTraining for that webinar we have two tabs. 1 is for Registered or not paid, 2 is for registered and paid. These are standard with the product. I’ve successfully paid using woocommerce and the GoToWP bundle however the GoToTraning account shows my account under simply the registered tab. We have auto approve set up. Any thoughts?
5) Expired or past due webinars – We have to manually remove these?

Any help would greatly be appreciated,


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  • Also there are some questions that we ask on our training form through GoToTraining that are not appearing when we generate our report. I have the option to use the GoToTraining form within the plugin checked .

  • Thanks for the post. Answers/comments below:

    1) It sounds like the universal price you have set is being overwritten by $1 value. We will investigate on our end and update you.
    2) Not currently. We’ve been researching a way to do this that balances server load with quantity of API requests to Citrix. Not sure we’re close to launching solution, but will update Release Notes if/when we do.
    3) The Knowledge Base grows as customers use the plugin. GoToWebinar is by far the more popular version of the plugin so there is more information related to that on the Release Notes, Documentation and Support section of this site. If you have specific questions, please continue to ask and we’ll expand KB for G2T accordingly.
    4) Are you able to post a screenshot of what you’re seeing in G2T admin area? It sounds like this is specific to G2T and not G2W?
    5) Yes, currently you have to manually remove past webinars.
    6) Have you refreshed the Citrix information by following instructions in this video? That should repopulate the data in WordPress that’s pulled from your Citrix.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

  • Thanks for the screenshot. We’ll investigate the “mark as paid” issue. Apologies, but we misread your post yesterday. The issue with the form mirroring is with GoToTraining correct? If so, there is nothing we can do about that as the API for GoToTraining doesn’t allow for the same form mirroring feature as GoToWebinar API does. We’ve tried to get Citrix to make these consistent but so far there has not been any change.

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