Exclude webinars from type=list

September 30, 2015 2:04 pm

Ive seen this topic already but there was no public answer to the question.

We need to integrate GoToWebinars on our site with the idea to customize the signup form in order to make it as short as possble.

GoToWP seems to to the job, except for two things we are not sure of:
–  Is it possible to exclude single webinars from that list or setup any other type of filter?

(Example) We’ve got this list in GoToWebinar:
Product Webinar
— ID: 123-0
Product Webinar
— ID: 123-1
Client Webinar
— ID: 123-2

It is important to have only Product Webinar in the dropdown menu of our signup form and not Client Webinar without having to create a new GoToWebinar account.

Thanks a bunch in advance!


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