EXTREMELY URGENT: Webinars NOT registering upon purchase of one and API key NOT activating.

December 11, 2019 5:36 pm

This is extremely urgent. We updated our webinars once a year (to connect to GoToWebinar). We recently jumped versions (3.0.3 I think? to 3.3.3). There are a ton of things different, for instance the actual plugin activation. Our previous purchase code + email is no longer relevant, and so under my account on gotowp.com I got my API key, and tried using it… and it says: Cannot activate API Key. No API resources available.

Even without updating the activation of this plugin (which we just renewed) it\’s not properly registering anyone who purchases a webinar. Please contact us at sfreeman@foundationsoft.com to get private credentials to help troubleshoot this problem. Thanks.

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