Facing issue with gototraining as gotowebinar is working fine after successful purachase

March 9, 2015 6:16 pm

I have configured ‘gotowp_woo_bundle’ plugin on my site, it is working fine in case of gotowebinar but not in case of gototraining.When I use the webinar id in the product of woocommerce, it is registering the user for webinar after successful purchase but the same is not working in case of gototraining.I have provided the correct id of schedule in gtt as in case of gtw after configuring their settings but it is not working.Any help will be appriciated.

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  • @akhan – Thanks for post. Sorry for delay in response. I’ve been very busy with latest release of plugin which is merging Premium and Woo Addon into one plugin (as well as a few other cool features). We have not experienced this problem on our test servers, so I’d be shooting in the dark trying to guess at what the conflict might be. A couple questions:

    1) did you generate a separate key/token for G2T at app.gotowp.com?
    2) if you generated a separate key/token for G2T can you confirm you placed it in the settings (and not the G2W key / token)?

    Sorry, if those are too obvious, but they are the first things I would double check before moving on to other troubleshooting. Thanks and let me know.

  • Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for the reply.following are the reply of your quries:

    1)Yes I have generated the key and token at “app.gotowp.com” and provided the credentials in “GoToTraining Settings” tab.

    2)I have provided the key and token in “GoToTraining Settings” tab as in “GoToWebinar Settings”.

    Also When i provided the training id into the product of woocommerce from admin and select the gototraining button, the registrants is not registered in gototraining.

    Please help me to sort out this issue.


  • Hi,

    Any assistance would be appreciated, our webinar rooms are getting double booked and really need our training rooms working. Please advise.


  • HI

    Can any one please help, I have been trying to resolve this for 3 weeks now we have been struggling with this error.



  • Just emailed you… let me know. Thanks

  • For anyone else experiencing this issue, please double check and make sure that you are using the correct key / token combination as seen in the screenshot below as Citrix requires you use the “access_token” and “organizer_key” and NOT the “refresh_token” and “account_key”. 


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