Form display on page but reload on form submission (no email no new subscriber)

August 30, 2017 3:11 pm


We have an issue, the form is display properly but registration on submission is not working it just reload the page not sending any email or adding a new subscriber to the webinar in GoToWebinar.

We have the Premium license and all have been working correctly since a previous version update we now have the last one proposed 3.1.0. We haven’t use this function for a while (a few month) so we don’t know which version worked.

We use the shortcode to display a single webinar in a template.
As our webinar are free in our Paypal price is at 0 for all and in tabs Payment Settings we don’t have any email (Is it the cause of the issue?) other information’s are filled in. The Paypal IPN Url is redirecting to an empty page it does not shows error 404.

We tried the following stuff to insure the problem wasn’t from our side:

– We clicked on the button “Sync with GoToWebinar” in the GoToWebinar Settings tabs.

– We had this type of shortcode:
[register_webinar webid=xxxxxxxxxxxx pageid=xxx type=single] we try with pageurl instead of pageid and it still not working.
So we try without: [register_webinar type=single webid=xxxxxxxxxxxx] and we also try with amount=0 (our webinar are free) still not working.
– We decide to copy paste the shortcode of the webinar (as recommended) in GoToWP Settings in a new page in the default template to be sure it’s not from a JavaScript issue (we also try to add it with the dropdown in the wisiwig editor) and it still not working, it display the form but reload the page on submission.

We hope you will be able to help us soon.


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  • Thank your for detailed post! Please visit and generate new key/token and update in settings. Typically this will solve issue you outline. Please try and let us know and we’ll proceed from there. Thanks!

  • Thanks for your reply.

    We change the Access Token, Save Details then Sync with GoToWebinar.

    Then we test it in the default template with the copied shortcode of the settings.

    It display the form well with the shortcode but on submission it still reload the page without sending any email or add a register for the webinar.


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