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May 1, 2014 7:43 pm

We are getting ready to go live with new version of our site. We were able to install the plugin and get everything to work but when submitting the form only name and email goes through. When I download the report for registrants, none of the other fields are sent to Gotomeeting.

Sample page:

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  • @msantilli – thanks for the post. This bug recently came to our attention and we are investigating what is causing it. To confirm, the plugin is displaying all form fields correctly, however, it is not capturing all of them them to the GoToWebinar registration log correctly – is that right?

  • @msantilli – could you also specify which version of the plugin you experienced this issue on?

  • I am having the same issue. I only see the fname lname and email in Mailchimp even though my GoToWebinar form has two more fields. Is there a field naming issue

  • @patrickegan – to clarify, are all fields getting saved correctly in GoToWebinar? Meaning, is the plugin properly displaying and capturing all fields from GoToWebinar, but the plugin is not pushing all fields into MailChimp?

  • @brandon correct the fields from the form for Company Name and Questions are both saved to GoToWebinar but they do not show up in MailChimp

  • OK, that’s good to know…because we only pushed first name, last name and email to MailChimp 🙂 We’ll have to dig under the MC API a bit more to see what options are available for additional fields as they relate to/match up with the GTW form fields…

  • Brandon, I am having similar issue. I can see “state,city,country” in the form but when I check the Generated Report in GOtoWebinar section then it just shows “First Name, Last Name, Email”. It seems like form is not submitting rest of the form fields. Can you please help

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