Free version Shortcode does not return / show anything and no errors

August 4, 2014 4:17 pm

I do believe I could use the Woo Version for future events (as soon as I can afford it) but for now I’m just trying to see if I can get a basic webinar set up but I cannot get the shortcode to show anything.

I created one Webinar and one Meeting in my GoTo Webinar account.
I installed and activated the free GoToWP plugin.
I used the app at to generate your key token and Saved Details.
I clicked Update Webinar forms and got the message:Webinar forms updated successfully.
I created a blank page with just a few words and the shortcode and the web ID of my first event in September
[register_free_webinar webid=130-585-603 pageid=5459]
The page shows only the typed words, no output from shortcode.
I watched the video for the free version and scoured the forums, but I got nothing.

What can I do to troubleshoot? Where would I find error codes or anything?

– Manuel

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  • Hello again,
    I found the issue. I’ll share so that hopefully others can save time and frustration.

    I assumed my problem was a simple one, and because I was not receiving any on screen errors I did not want to enable logging and spend my life sifting through text file, I checked everything else I could and ultimately found he problem.
    – I disabled all other plugins
    – I updated to the latest wordpress version
    – I signed up for a Developer account on Citrix (don’t do this)  🙂
    – Watched the video’s again – and again

    The problem is that although the instructions clearly state:to enter the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx component of the webinar registration URL is to be used for the WebID in the shortcode, I was interpreting that I needed to simply enter the WebID as noted on the Webinar Management page.

    The GoToWP application is using a friendly shortcode element name (webid) and it happens to be the abbreviation of the Citrix Webinar ID.

    The details…:)
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who missed this, and I’m OK if we are small in numbers.

    Thanks for the great plugin. I’ll donate cash if I ever make any!

  • @ManuelPalachuk – glad you got everything sorted out and thanks for using the plugin 🙂

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