GoToWP as WooCommerce product not working

April 20, 2016 7:14 am


I have bought two plugins from you one is GTW only and the other is GTW and GTT plugin. I assigned a Webinar Key to my WooCommerce product and tried to checkout at the shop but it doesn’t register in my GTW account. I have tested everything if I entered it correctly and I also tried getting a new Organizer Key and Token but still no joy. Please note that it was running just a week ago and never made any changes. I am able to replicate this issue in two of my websites where your plugins are installed. I am running the latest versions of WP and WooCommerce.

I would be grateful if you can look into this. Thank you.


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  • Could you please email WP Admin info to help [at] gotowp [dot] com? To confirm, you had successful registrations until recently? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

  • I’m having a similar issue. The free signup works but paid signup do not work as Woocommerce or on standalone purchase with paypal.

  • Thanks for posting! Recommend you make sure both “Virtual” and “Downloadable” are selected on the Woo Commerce product page as Citrix registration will not happen otherwise. We updated Troubleshooting Tips post accordingly and posted screenshot on out Twitter page

    This is a semi-common mistake, and we’re discussing the possibility of making both checkboxes auto-select if product is a webinar. We’ll update the Release Notes accordingly, however, until then just make sure you’re selecting both “Virtual” and “Downloadable” when using the Woo integration. Thanks and have a great day!

  • @karl and @gaslampmedia – Thanks for you help and patience as we investigated this issue. We’ll recap here, what we’ve communicated in email, so if others run into this issue they will know what is needed to resolve.

    (Apologies for the liberal use of bold text below, but these are important, and we want to make sure PayPal’s cURL decision, as well as two other security enhancements PayPal has announced for later this year are not overlooked.)

    As stated in emails, issue is not related to our plugin at all, but rather recent decision by PayPal to make IPN work with cURL version 7.34+ or higher. Please note that this is a server side/hosting company issue and you will need to update to make any PayPal IPN features work. If you are on a dedicated or VPS server, updating the cURL version should be fairly easy. Whether you update the cURL version yourself or hire someone else to perform the update, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE A FULL BACKUP OF YOUR SERVER BEFORE PERFORMING ANY SERVER APPLICATION UPDATES. Failure to do so may severely damage your site and without a full server backup or snapshot restoring the server to it’s previous state could prove to be anywhere from difficult to impossible. Hate to say it, but probably necessary, but we take no responsibility for issues arising from updating cURL or failure to backup your server adequately.

    To reiterate, issue you outlined above is not related to our plugin but PayPal’s recent decision to enhance securing of IPN transactions. (@karl – this explains why it was working for you “just a week ago” as PayPal just made this change.) You can keep tabs on this decision as well as others coming down the pipeline later this year at

    Two key ones to note are: 1) TLS 1.2 Upgrade implemented June 17, 2016 2) IPN Verification Postback to HTTPS implemented September 31, 2016. Please visit the above link and read more about them as these changes, along with the recent cURL one outlined above, will impact all PayPal IPN transactions, completely independent of which plugins are being used to facilitate those transactions.

    Again, thanks for your patience as we investigated issue. If you’re uncertain which version of cURL your server is running, we’re working on a short video tutorial to show you how to find out the version and will post here when it is ready.

  • Another update: with the above said, we understand the frustration of being on a shared host, where the hosting company will not update server software. As a result, we’re investigating two possible temporary workarounds to accommodate hosting companies who refuse (or are slow) to keep their software updated. We won’t name any hosting companies by name 🙂 but you are welcome to if it helps you cope with their lousy tech support 🙂

    We highly recommend updating cURL to keep current with PayPal’s security enhancements, but we’ll also keep you posted on viability of two potential, albeit, temporary workarounds. Thanks and please don’t hesitate to hit us up on Twitter or respond here. Appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we try to make several different technology companies and platforms integrate smoothly with each other. #FistBumpToOurAwesomeCustomers

  • Good morning! We’ve provided a temporary workaround for customers running less than cURL 7.34. Please view for more info, but essentially, registration to GoToWebinar will be completed by manually approving orders in Woo Commerce > Orders.

    Please note that this is a temporary workaround, provided to customers who are currently unable to update their cURL version and we highly recommend you update cURL to 7.34+ as soon as you are able. Thanks!

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