GoToWp Personal Webid?

March 5, 2014 3:35 pm

Hello there, where do I get the webid from? And I guess the page number is the the same page as where the form is displayed?

[register_free_webinar webid=xxxxxxx pageid=xxx]

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  • The webid you get from your GoToWebinar account. For each webinar, GoToWebinar creates a registration link which should look something like this:


    The number appearing directly after register/ is the webid you need for the plugin.

  • The pageid is the page which the plugin will redirect to after the customer registers for the webinar. Typically, you would create a Thank You page (or post) in WordPress and use this page id number for the value of pageid in the plugin. For instance, ‘pageid=6’ would redirect people to whichever page or post had an id of 6. If you are uncertain what the id number is for each page or post, the easiest way to find the value is to hover your cursor over the “edit” link inside wp-admin (for the respective page or post) and the id will appear in the bottom left of your browser. Typically looking something like this:


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