Gotowp Premium – Not logging registration

January 8, 2015 5:05 pm

I have gotowp premium’s latest version . We are running our site on WordPress 4.1.

What is working:

    • GTWPP is pulling the webinar information from Gotowebinar.

    • The registration form looks good.

    • Paypal processes the registration and notifies me that there has been a payment (via PayPal account email)

What isn’t working:

    • Paypal IPN – this doesn’t seem to be working. The registration process stops at PayPal. Gotowebinar does not receive information about the registration and the client does not receive information about their webinar login, etc. IPN is replicated on Paypal and on GTWPP plugin.

Current settings

Notification URL
Message delivery Enabled

We are so close. Please help.

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