GOTOWP TRAINING WOO plugin not detecting recorded trainings in GoToTraining

November 20, 2014 11:18 am

Hi, I am using your GOTOWP TRAINING WOO add on to manage payments and registrations for GoTo Trainings and it is working perfectly for live scheduled trainings.

The problem I have is that when I set up a product in woocommerce and enter the GoToTraining key for a recording the GOTOWP plugin does not seem able to identify that as a recorded file that is set up as such in GoToTraining.

The product in woocommerce even renders slightly differently on the cart pages as it shows only the ‘Add to cart’ button and not the ‘Continue shopping’ button and also gives you the option to select multiple quantities of the product. When it is then added to the cart and ‘proceed to checkout’ is clicked the checkout page displays the billing details form above the order details and PayPal payment option but NOT the GoToTraining registration fields form.

If I enter a GoToTraining key for the same product as if it was a live, scheduled training it works fine as a registration for a live training but I need it to return the link for the recorded session as per your video demonstration of the functionality where you added a registration for a scheduled training and a link for a recording.

Have I missed a step in the set up, changed a setting somewhere, or is there something else I need to specify in the product set up within woocommerce?

I have uninstalled both the GOTOWP add on and woocommerce and reinstalled and started again but to no avail.

This seems to be a wonderful product and it is so close to working the way we need it but I can’t seem to get this crucial part to work.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Stefan Birch

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  • Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for the post. Hope you had a nice weekend. Currently investigating the issue and will update you shortly…


  • Thanks Brandon, appreciate it. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Stefan,

    No luck investigating on our test servers 🙁 Can you please email me wp-admin and ftp info so we can take a closer look? Email is brandonmuth at gmail dot com


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