Hi, I purchased new subscription order 1382 but now stuck with plugin activated and APIkey that won’t activate

February 3, 2018 6:28 pm

Hi, purchased new 1 year subscription for gotowp webinar. downloaded plugin zip. Prior I had already gotowp installed since 2016 but it never offered me update option. all other plugins gave me update options. Anyway I wasn’t sure how to update as there is no menu or instructions on how to do this. instructions are given for first install but not for update. I didn’t want to loose existing plugin settings or webinar configurations for products etc. In future if possible this would be helpful or if available already then make instructions more visible. Anyway I renamed old plugin folder to gotowp_bak and then used the WP add-new plugin button. This seemed to work ok. New plug is active in WP, old plugin visible but deactivated. But new plugin needs API key activation. I entered activation key from order 1382 and order email, it activated successfully in dialog but when I went to plugin list it still said that the APIkey wasn’t activated and sent me back to same dialog. So I tried again and the second time it came back with “invalid request” and the APIkey is not activated. On gotowp.com the order shows 0 of 1 activation. Can you help with what I am supposed to do to get this working. Thanks

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