Issue Integrating New GoToWebinar API with GoToWP

February 14, 2020 10:14 am

I have a persistent issue with using GoToWP.

As per your previous instructions, I did email GotoWebinar support and got them to increase the API limit of my app. Which they did (confirmed by email).

However, after this I set up a new webinar page on WordPress with GoToWP plugin. I was able to test myself with 2 emails and it worked fine. Then inexplicably it stopped working, I asked my colleagues to test and they did not receive emails from GoToWebinar when they signed up.

I then went back to the GoToWP plugin and clicked “Re-Connect with GoToWebinar” after this it worked again and I was able to sign up with another email and received the confirmation from GoToWebinar.

However immediately afterwards it stopped working again.

Can anyone please help with this issue?

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