Multiple Issues with WooCommerce

September 15, 2016 10:22 pm

We have the GoToWebinar Premium and are using it in conjunction with WooCommerce. WE have WP 4.6.1 and WooCommerce 2.6.4

We’re having some trouble with the following things.

1) Using the native paypal and settings are not kicking the user out to the payment gateway to purchase. We’ve since decided to disable both and integrate with WooCommerce entirely and use WooCommerce products to sell webinars.

2) After creating the products and making some test purchases on the development site we’ve noticed several PHP notices in the order complete page and my-account pages. They are as follows
– Notice: get_formatted_legacy is deprecated since version 2.4! Use Item Meta Data is being called with legacy arguments instead. in /srv/www/kts/htdocs/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3707
– Notice: WP_Query was called incorrectly. The shop_order_status taxonomy is no more in WooCommerce 2.2! You should use the new WooCommerce post_status instead, read more… Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version WooCommerce 2.2.) in /srv/www/kts/htdocs/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3996

3) In addition to #2 above, the “Join Now” and “View Now” buttons that should take you out to gotowebinar are not showing up on any of the orders where a webinar is purchased. They are configured per your documentation (virtual, downloadable, webinar ID number added, etc. ) Our settings are correct as well and are pulling in the current webinars available as well as the forms on the checkout page so all is well there.

We have no other code in our codebase that alters WooCommerce at this time and it is in a default installation state at the moment.

Thank you in advance for your help.
– Vincent

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  • Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for your post. We’ll take a look at these issue on our dev server and send update accordingly. If you want, please send temp WP Admin and temp FTP details to and we can investigate specifically on your server too.

    Thanks and we’ll look for your email or revert back what we find and post any fixes that we find our test servers. Have a great weekend!

  • Login credentials sent for WordPress admin. We do not provide sFTP access currently due to the way we deploy our wordpress site. If this is a necessity please let me know and I will try to make arrangements. Otherwise, if you need a report or stats or a log readout, let me know and I can grab that for you.’


  • Update: I’m getting a failed delivery notification for the email address

  • Any update on the GoToWP side regarding my last two comments?

  • Hello? Anyone out there in support that is addressing our issue? We’d really appreciate an update for our premium plugin purchase.

  • Just wanted to give you a quick update. It appears the issue is related to the GoToWebinar setting where someone chooses to manually approve a registrant. It looks like your plugin checks for approved registrants and provides the Join Now button if true. If they are registered but not approved, it produces the code error in the original post. Setting GoToWebinar to automatically approve produces a Join Now button immediately after the sale.

    However, I do not know why this would case the same error for recorded webinars since those do not need to be approved. Unless this is setting in GoToWebinar that travels with the recording from the original manually approved live attendees.

    Please, someone, let me know you’re getting these messages. It has been several days without even an acknowledgement and I’m becoming frustrated with this purchase.

  • Hi Vincent,

    Sorry, for the delay. We’ve been having multiple email issues that we’re trying to sort out. We’re also trying to update for Woo Commerce latest version and should have that complete in the next day or so. We will email directly to the address you purchased with and get it sorted ASAP for you.

  • Just emailed you directly. Also, have initiated the process of switching server based support forum email notifications to as the one used by this host has gone haywire a few too many times recently. We keep ironing it out and it keeps wigging out, so we’re officially making the switch. As stated and above, and in the email, very sorry for the frustration and terrible customer support on our end the last couple of days.

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