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May 29, 2015 8:08 pm

In order to 1) provide more streamlined support 2) better utilize current features in Premium and Woo Addon versions and 3) to crystallize the focus of future updates and feature enhancements, we decided to merge the Premium and Woo Addon versions into one standalone plugin.

You can view a demo video here of the merged version as well as the latest improvement which allows you to create your Webinar or Training shop with a single click of a button:

Support for the Premium and Woo Addon versions will primarily consist of directing you to update to the Merged version, which we will gladly send to customers who have made previous purchases. We have tested the Merged version extensively over the last 2 months and, as you can see in the demo video, has some cool new features.

If you run into any issues with the Merged version, please don’t hesitate to post here on the forum and we will address them as quickly as we can.

The next items we are focusing on include:

1) Cron jobs for the Webinar and Training products so your stores can stay updated automatically with your most current Webinar and Training products
2) Automatic update notifications for the plugin which will show in your WordPress admin area. When we started the plugin, there were so few users, we overlooked the need to provide automatic update notifications. This has made it more difficult than necessary to make sure all customers have the latest version of the plugin, so we’re going to fix this as soon as we can.
3) We will likely be moving to a license-key registration/activation model for use of the plugin sometime in 2015. This will not impact current customers negatively (e.g. we won’t spring a price increase on you to keep using the plugin), but will ensure that we keep pace with premium plugin sites like Code Canyon and others who use the license-key model as a matter of fact.

Again, our goal with the Merged version is to make support and ongoing updates easier to manage. We hope you all enjoy the 1-click store creation and if you have any issues, comments, questions or concerns, feel free to post here in the support forum, yell at us on Twitter @gotowp, express yourself in YouTube comments or send us smoke signals using wet firewood and thick blankets – however you choose to contact us, we’ll be glad to communicate with you and will try our best to help you out.

One final note: we all want to appear like we’re bigger and badder than we really are, but just a quick reminder, that we are a small team. We’re a dedicated team, but a small one. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we attempt to respond as best we can to each request and provide the friendliest service we can muster.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend!

Brandon on behalf of myself and the GoToWP team

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