New order workflow being altered incorrectly – even when orders have nothing to do with GoToWP.

March 9, 2018 6:23 pm

I detected a bug that appears when I activate GoToWP-GTW. Prior to activation – any new order what was not virtual or downloadable moved from a status of “Pending payment” to “Processing” after payment was verified and remained that way until shipping was confirmed complete. After I activated the plugin – any new order that moved from payment “Pending payment” to “Processing” was also then moved to “Completed” regardless of the type of product it represented. This only affected new orders – not existing orders that might have a status of “Processing”. I have this running on a test site and can toggle the plugin on and off and recreate these result. I can provide more data if needed or even access to the site.

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  • Disappointing that there is no response to this bug report after more than 2 weeks. I have had to disable this plugin, It would appear that this plugin has only been tested in sites that are dedicated to webinar/digital product sales Warning to anyone like us that has a mix of digital and physical products for sale. This plugin treats all new orders as if they are digital and screws up processing of physical orders.

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