no register link, but sends (useless) ticket

November 1, 2014 10:32 am


my client has the following problem: a customer in Woocommerce doen’t get a a link to register anymore, but DOES get (useless) tickets. It did work fine before but since about a week the webinar link is not working correctly. Using latest 0.6.0 version of your plugin. Any ideas much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • hi, any updates on this? Please let me know how much time it would take to react so I can tell my client what to expect, highly appreciated, thanks!

  • I think I’m having this same problem.  The plugin no longer sends out the order completed emails with the registration link.

  • I think I’m having this same problem.  The plugin no longer sends out the order completed emails with the registration link.

  • To whoever finds this useful:

    I’ve narrowed the problem down to a few things:

    1) The “webinar_join_url_” custom field is missing which causes the link to fail.

    2) The plugin causes the system to not send emails when setting order status to “Completed”

    3) The template override for “/woocommerce/emails/email-order-items.php” is not overriding the standard woocommerce template.


    I’ve put a temporary fix in here that will help, but does not solve the problem correctly:

    gotowp_premium_woo.php — Line: 1028 replace function with this:

    function gotowp_premium_woo_get_webinar_join_link($prod_id,$user_id,$order_id){
    $webinar_key = trim(get_post_meta($prod_id, ‘_gotowp_premium_woo_webinar_key’, true));

    $webinar_link_title=’Join Now’;
    $button_class=’button join’;
    $watch='<br/><a target=”_blank” class=”‘.$button_class.'” href=”‘.$webinar_url.'”>’.$webinar_link_title.'</a>’;
    $webinar_link_title=’Watch Webinar’;
    $button_class=’button watch’;
    $watch='<br/><a target=”_blank” class=”‘.$button_class.'” href=”‘.$webinar_url.'”>’.$webinar_link_title.'</a>’;
    } else {
    $webinar_link_title=’Join Now’;
    $button_class=’button join’;
    $watch='<br/><a target=”_blank” class=”‘.$button_class.'” href=”‘.$join_url.'”>’.$webinar_link_title.'</a>’;
    $webinar_link_title=’Watch Webinar’;
    $button_class=’button watch’;
    $watch='<br/><a target=”_blank” class=”‘.$button_class.'” href=”‘.$join_url.'”>’.$webinar_link_title.'</a>’;
    return $watch;

    // This reverts the link to a legacy style when the link fails to generate

    gotowp_premium_woo.php — Comment out line 891

    // This allows the template to send emails on when manually set to completed in woocommerce

    Copy /wp-content/plugins/gotowp_premium_woo_060/woocommerce/emails/email-order-items.php  to  /wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME/woocommerce/emails/email-order-items.php

    // This fixes the issue with the template override not working.


    I’m not recommending anyone else do this, but we have our site on a production server and needed a fix fast due to orders coming in.  Please let me know as soon as you have a new version of this plugin out so I can get it up the right way.

  • Usefull information Resident01! We will check this. GoToWP, please respond to this asap since it seems a confirmed bug. Thanks.

  • @iesdie and @resident01 – can you please post which versions of Woo Commerce you are using?

  • Latest one that was just sent over, i believe it’s .6

  • I just emailed both of you version 0.62 – please let me know if that has any positive impact on the issue you are experiencing. Thanks!

  • Hello Brandon,
    thanks but unfortunately no postive impact. I quickly tried and it seems to get worse.
    When we put 0.62 instead I get an extra problem when checking out> still the link in the email to the webinar is not showing.

    The hard fix from Resident01 does make sense and gets the link in the email template back in since he has added in in the php template.

    See here what I mean with the error:

    This disappears when installing back 0.6 version and instead the order details are shown as they should be in stead of the raw code.

  • OK, thanks for the replies. We’re looking into it now. Can you please post which version WOO COMMERCE you are using? Woo Addon was tested up to version of Woo Commerce < 2.2

    The issue might be related to Woo Commerce > 2.2 so if you can please let me know which version of Woo Commerce you guys are running.


  • Yup, latest version woocommerce.  I think I found the problem with this and the question above about it not registering the webinars.  In the:


    {“description”:”organization is required: state is required: city is required: phone is required”,”incident”:3589312658307171328}

    <– That is what gets returned by the curl function.  I’m working on adding those fields in now to see if it corrects.

  • Yup, that fixes it.  Additional fields need to be added around line 1190 where the user data fields are defined.  Changing it to this got it working for me:

    $order_custom_fields = get_post_custom( $order_id );






    //$user_data[‘state’] = $order_custom_fields[‘_billing_state’][0];

    $user_data[‘state’] = “Alabama”;

    $user_data[‘city’] = $order_custom_fields[‘_billing_city’][0];

    $user_data[‘phone’] = $order_custom_fields[‘_billing_phone’][0];

    $curl_post_data = array(

    “firstName” =>$user_data[‘first_name’],

    “lastName” =>$user_data[‘last_name’],

    “email” =>$user_data[‘user_email’],

    “organization” =>$user_data[‘organization’],

    “state” =>$user_data[‘state’],

    “city” =>$user_data[‘city’],

    “phone” =>$user_data[‘phone’]


    Note:  I had to hardcode state in since it only accepts “Alabama” instead of “AL” so that’s one other thing that may need to get translated, but I’m not too worried about the state for now.

  • Yes,
    woo 2.2.6 is running. (newest now is 2.2.8)
    wp 4.0


  • Thanks, almost certain that is issue as apparently there were some significant changes to 2.2 from 2.1. We are investigating 2.2 updates now to see where we need to modify plugin and will post update when it’s ready. Thanks for taking time to post versions – appreciate it 🙂

  • any updates on this? We start loosing confidence in this plugin. Hope a total and good fix is available. This is taking too long. Thank you.

  • We tested extensively over the last week on Woo Commerce 2.2.8 and could not duplicate the issues you guys described.

    We’re currently looking into @resident01’s posts…

    @resident01 – thanks for taking the time to post what you found – appreciate it!

  • If you would like, please feel free to email me

    1) wp-admin info
    2) ftp info

    and I’ll be happy to take a closer (and complimentary) look at your individual environments to see if we can’t identify cause of issue. My email is brandonmuth [at] gmail [dot] com

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


  • @resident01 – curious… did you try the “refresh webinar forms” button?


  • Brandon,
    ok, super, thanks for your feedback. We will send an email with details.

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