Not all fields showing up for webinar registration

March 24, 2014 1:40 pm

Hey all,
I am having an issue with all required fields not showing up for the webinar. I started with your free product to test and all the fields showed up with the shortcode. I then purchased, installed, activated, etc. the premium plugin, but when I use the shortcode, only First, Last and Email appear.

Here is an example webinar:

and here’s the webinar it’s pulling from :

The second issue I’m having is that not all webinars are showing up in the list. See page here: I should have 5 webinars listed with different dates, but I only see three listed, all with the same date.

Any ideas?

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  • Update: My Webinar List page is now populated with all my webinars ( However, the entrant fields are not appearing for registration when I select one from the dropdown. Looking at the source code, the fields are staying hidden. Any ideas?

    Secondly, I don’t want to charge for my webinars. I have tried to set both payment options to disable, but I get an error message stating I’m not able to do that.

  • @redbranchmedia

    1) will look at hidden fields on your site today
    2) to have a free webinar simply set the price to “0” in the plugin settings


  • @redbranchmedia – for the fields not showing, please click the “refresh webinar forms” button in the plugin settings area. This should update the fields from each webinar for display on your site. Thanks and let me know if this works.

  • Hey Brandon, 
    Thanks for your reply. I have set the universal price to “0”. Is there any way to have the paypal option not even show? Or do I just need to hide that via CSS? 

    I’ve clicked “update webinar forms”, but I’m still having both issues. 
    1) Not all my required fields are showing up for a single webinar. 
    2) On my webinar list page, when I select a webinar from the dropdown, no registration fields appear. 

    thanks. Let me know if I need to create a login for you to the site.

  • I have tried the “update webinar forms” button, but unfortunately am having the same issues. 
    1) On my single webinar, it is only showing 3 form fields rather than all the required fields. 
    2) On my list of webinars page, when I select a webinar from the dropdown, no form fields appear. 

    Let me know if I need to create a site login for you. Thanks!

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