PayPal processing payment but person not getting registerd for the webinar

June 15, 2016 6:00 pm

Hi Brandon,

I’ve been using your plugin since last October 2015, and it was working fine then. After a few months of not having webinars, I added a new webinar today, and the payment processing works fine…but no registration takes place with GotoWebinar. I checked the access token and organizer key, and both are fine. I did notice that the field I added on Goto (Province) which is a dropdown field does not show properly on our website. The dropdown field is blank and not clickable.

In summary, once someone fill-out the form, they are redirected to PayPal and payment is processed. However, no registration takes place with GotoWebinar.


Here’s the sign-up page:


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  • I just got rid of the custom dropdown field and that solved the problem.

  • Glad the issue was resolved. So we can better understand, a couple questions:

    1) What exactly do you mean by “Goto (Province)”?
    2) Was the custom dropdown something you added inside the plugin code or was it a dropdown you added inside the GoToWebinar account on the Citrix end (i.e. a custom field for their registration form)?

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

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