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January 16, 2015 10:38 am

I’m trying to solve a problem for a client (who purchased gotowp).
woocommerce shop on Dazling theme works perfect. Due to german laws we are using WooCommerce German Market plugin. this plugin shows extra data on thankyou page. With normal products everthing is 100% ok.

When activating GoToWP, the client is able to register and pay for webinairs. But after paying the thankyou page breaks. All extra data from german market plugin appears as shortcode. This also happens when purchasing normal product meanwhile GoToWP is activated.

Any known conflicts? Any sugestion or solution?


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  • Hmmm, I’ve never dealt with German Market version of Woo. If you want to email FTP and wp-admin I’m happy to hop in and take a quick look and we can take it from there. Let me know… email is brandonmuth at gmail dot com


  • Hi. Any news about this ? I did sent the ftp and wp admin in a PM. 2 weeks ago.


  • @alia2net – in a Private Message? Where did you send this from and to because I didn’t see any notification that a message was received?

  • Hi Brandon, We mistakenly purchased the WOO ADDon instead of the PREMIUM.  The Woo will not work with our project.  Please help us to correct this.  thanks o much.

  • it was send to your email brandonmuth at gmail dot com, as you indicated. Coming from info at alia2net dot com. Includes all access (web, ftp)

  • @DrHelenPs – just confirming you received correction that we sent from PayPal. Thanks and please let us know.

  • @alia2net – very sorry, it must have gotten buried in the spam folder. If you want to send it again, I have added the address to safe sender list. Thanks and let me know.

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