plugin not picking up all fields I choose in gotomeeting setup (UPDATE: Ver 1.0.6 Resolves This)

February 10, 2014 9:21 pm

It appears regardless of which fields I add or remove to my registration page, the plugin still shows the same.

EX: I don’t even have the Questions and Comments turned on for my form, but they show up here.

Additionally I have turned on the zipcode field, but the plugin does not include this field in the form.

Any thoughts?

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the post. The issue is that we only grab the form once from G2W and cache in the DB as 1) we assumed once the form was created at Citrix it would be set and 2) it is rather resource intensive to dynamically grab the form each time the page is loaded.

    Clearly, we assumed incorrectly. As a backup plan, we had sketched out a “refresh form” button inside the plugin, which we will now implement. I will try my best to scoot this to the top of the development list.

    Thanks again and let me know if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,


  • Awesome — just to clarify… when you say once the form was created…

    Do you mean caching the fields on the WordPress side… aka I could clear the fields from my hosted database and start again?
    And if I setup a future registration form with the proper fields and created added the shortcode to the NEW webinar registration… would that grab the apropriate fields?

    or did you mean that you had assumed Citrix would not add the option for additional fields after you created the plugin?

    Which would require waiting for an update to the plugin before it functions?

  • “once the form was created” => once the plugin pulls the form from G2W and places in the WordPress database on your site

    “assumed Citrix would not add the option for additional fields” => no, we assumed that once a customer created a registration form at G2W it would remain unchanged 🙂

    We are working on the “refresh form” button which will allow you to 1) update the registration form at G2W, then 2) login to wp-admin and click “refresh form” button to have WordPress reflect the updated form.

    Thanks for the posts and for reaching out on Twitter as well. We look forward to serving you more in the future!


  • Hey Acts7Seven,

    1.0.6 just released which addresses the issue you pointed out. Sreencast here:

    With version 1.0.6, now, if you edit GoToWebinar’s registration form after you insert the shortcode, you can display these changes on your WordPress site by using the Refresh Webinar forms feature found in version 1.0.6

    Thanks and hope you are well.

    PS – also tweeted the same info to you 😉

  • Is this something that you’ve added to the GotoTraining premium as well? The download link for GotoTraining is only for version 1.0.0.

  • Yes, it should be added for GoToTraining – we split off G2T into it’s own standalone version in case we need to make updates to just one and not the other. For instance, if we need to update G2T to address form mirroring but not make changes to G2W. Hope that makes sense and thanks for posting. Will update you shortly…

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