Post Purchase Questions: Display Description; Text After List of Webinairs; Captcha Image not displaying

February 18, 2016 3:19 am

Good Day:

Loving the product; great work to date. A few quick questions:

1) The Webinar description is listed in the Webinar List in the Settings Page; how can this be included in the Shop (webinairs page)

2) Without editing the Plugin code – is it possible to add text after the list of webinars on the Shop page? For example, we would like to maintain (even manually) a list of previously broadcasted webinars under the series of GoToWP events.

3) The Captcha Image is not displaying ( – any suggestions / ideas?

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  • Thanks for the feedback!
    1) Will need to include in an update as it’s not currently built in. I’ve added as a Feature Request here:
    2) Yes, you can add text before or after the shortcode however you like in the post content editor.
    3) On Captcha, please verify you have selected the checkbox in the plugin settings. It is disabled by default.
    Thanks and have a great evening!

  • 1) Fantastic, thanks!
    2) There doesn’t appear to be a short code for the built-in store page, it appears that the Webinar listings are added beyond the post content editor at the bottom of the text as no short code is required based on the style choses 1/2; 1/3; 1/4. Adding text before this automatic entry is simple enough, however seem to preclude text following the webinars – unless I am missing something?
    3) Have since disable Captcha to remove error. Will not use feature for time being and readdress if we require Captcha.

  • Almost —

    the store automatically populates the page with the webinar’s based on your layout design.

    Want to be able to added text before / after the layout design — not necessarily within. However, if you combined it with 1) layout design would include Title, Description; Date; Time; Cost

    Can see this easily accomplished (may be a wish list item) – two new boxes under the setup screen where you choose layout where you can embed basic HTML code. One box to embed text above layout; second box to embed text below layout. The Storefront page pulls from these two HTML boxes in the settings area.

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