Recording Key Not Saving

December 6, 2017 4:20 pm

Hello! Thank you for developing such a great plugin! Here are the stats of our setup:
– WordPress: 4.9.1
– GoToWP Version: 3.0.1
– WooCommerce: 3.2.5

We do not have a development environment to share access to unfortunately, as this is all on our local network. However I am hoping you’re able to repeat this bug.

When we place the Recording Key in its place, and change the Product Type from *just* Virtual… to both Virtual *and* Downloadable, as the tutorial here states:

When the post Updates, and refreshes, the Recording Key is gone. I used the last numbers in this URL of a test recording ( but it doesn’t seem to stick.

We actually aren’t going to end up having recordings on anyway… but rather through Wistia (a more robust video host with stats, etc). So the end goal is to slightly modify your code to allow for full URLs to be put in place of the Recording Key area… however, even when we test it’s intended use (via’s recording URL) it still doesn’t work…

We’re not asking for support on the custom link (although, we fully welcome it!!) but more just support on why the recording link isn’t working in the first place. Thanks!

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  • Thank you for the post! We will check now and see if we can duplicate bug.

  • @gotowp – thanks.

    Due to the urgency of this issue, I have created a temporary WordPress “scratchpad” install, and have replicated the bug there.

    I am emailing 4 sets of non-sensitive credentials, to assist in solving this issue:
    – [Free 7 Day Trial Account] credentials
    – WordPress URL and credentials
    – FTP host and credentials
    – PayPal (Sandbox Mode) credentials

    Look for an email with the subject “RE: Recording Key Not Saving”.


  • Please check 3.0.2 which we just uploaded and resolves issue. Please test and confirm. Thanks!

  • @gotowp — thanks.
    While this does solve the issue of the Recorded Key being saved, it does not solve the issue of the “Join Now” and “Watch Webinar” buttons not showing up in /my-account/orders/
    On the scratchpad WP install, I noticed a new “Test Webinar 2” was created. I purchased it, and still did not see either buttons on the order screen.
    I decided to try from the beginning to double check it doesn’t work… so I created another “Second Test Webinar” in the GoToWebinar free trial acct, resynced it in GoToWP, purchased it, and still don’t have either “Join” or “Watch” buttons on the order page.

  • @gotowp — any word on this?

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