Safe to comment out the 3 “delete_option()” functions in _gtwp_g2w_inc.php?

April 2, 2018 8:38 pm

We are porting over our client website from Joomla to WordPress and part of what we need to do is grant access to already purchased webinars. This required manual import of the webinar startTime and endTime into the wp_options table. In order for us to do that, we\’ve decided to use \”retro\” as the prepended naming convention. For instance, \”gotowp_premium_webinar_id_retro-1234\”.

We are in the QA stage of the site build, and one thing I\’ve noticed is that these rows get removed from wp_options whenever viewing the order. I\’ve narrowed it down to the function inside of _gtwp_g2w_inc.php called \”gotowp_premium_update_webinar($webinarKey)\” on line 3494, and on line 3503 there is \”delete_option($webinar_option_key)\”. After commenting this out, it seems that we are in the clear, but I want to be sure that commenting out this line, as well as all other instances of delete_option (lines 3347, 3503, 3549) aren\’t going to have any adverse effects on the site.

To us it\’s okay if the webinar information stays in the options table after the webinar has passed, or removed for any reason… we just can\’t afford to have our manually inserted webinar info be removed via this line of code. Could you confirm what this line does and if we should approach this differently? Thanks!

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  • From the information you posted, it SHOULD be ok, however, please be aware that we cannot guarantee custom implementations of plugin, as modifications are outside our control, and any problems arising from modifying source code is entirely your responsibility. Thank you and appreciate your understanding!

  • Of course! Not a problem. Just want to be sure it’s not something that another function is dependant on or anything. Are there any plans to make the plugin extensible to avoid these sort of direct customizations?

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