Safe to delete DB Tables wp_gtwbundle_webinars and wp_gtwbundle_meetings

March 26, 2018 7:52 pm

Going through our site during QA and saw these two DB tables:

I am guessing these are residual from an earlier version of this plugin, but would like to confirm to be sure. Could you confirm for me? Thanks!

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  • These tables are in use for Webinars and Meetings respectively. DO NOT delete if you wish plugin to function properly. Thank you!

  • Ok, but there’s nothing in either of them. Yet we have A LOT of GoToWebinars synced and made as products. I’m wondering if this has to do with some sort of “bundle” feature? Does it? And how do we bundle webinars?

  • Whoops! You are correct 🙂 These are present for a feature we’re trying to develop for bundling. You can remove them for now if you wish. They are not active and the bundle feature is still in the experimental phase. Most people aren’t as curious as you in checking database tables 🙂 so sorry for the confusion! 🙂 :thumbsup

  • No worries. If it’s any consolation… we are using WPClever’s Product Bundle plugin to achieve this. The plugin can be found here:

    The only downside to this approach is GoToWebinar sends out registration emails for every single registered webinar. So, if there are 30 webinars, the user gets 30 emails. Not ideal, and we’re not sure what to do about it / if we even can do anything about it.

    Just thought it’d be worth mentioning for your R&D and anyone else curious on bundling prior to your addition to the plugin.

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