Slight layout issue with GoToWP Premium Woo

November 18, 2014 1:58 pm

Hey Brandon,

First of all: Thank you for this plugin. I almost cried of joy when I stumbled accross your website today – I have been struggling with Events plugins and all for months.
Anyway: got myself the¬†GoToWP Premium Woo plugin: awesome. I already have a couple suggestions for the future ūüėČ but for now, I have a slight layout issue:

For example here on the live website (where the plugin is not installed yet), this is how a webinar looks like: (regular Woo product)

The same webinar on our test website (where the plugin iinstalled and active):¬† – you’ll see the short description and the title are pushed left. When I deactivate¬†GoToWP Premium Woo, the page displays normally again.

Is this something you can fix or is this a Theme issue and I should contact the Theme developer?

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