July 31, 2017 2:06 pm


I just got the Pro version. I am confused as to how to do…anything. Where is the full documentation? How does it integrate with Stripe. How do I setup a payment process integrated into the webinar signup process? I see nothing to go off of, I’m very lost. I work with WP all the time and have never dealt with such a lack of direction.

I appreciate your help.


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  • Hi, thanks for your post!

    1) Start here:
    2) Once you’re connected to your G2W account, you’ll see the list of webinars in the plugin settings.
    3) Decide whether you want to sell through shortcode or via WooCommerce
    4) If shortcode, setup PayPal or Authorize on “Payment Settings” tab in plugin settings (for Stripe, you must currently use WooCommerce integration), then add webinars to page or post in similar fashion to this:
    5) If WooCommerce, configure WooCommerce to your liking, then create a Woo product and add simply add the webinar ID# on each individual Woo product (screenshot below):

    We are working on improving UI for Woo products and will publish update when it’s ready. Thanks again and please let us know if you have additional questions and apologies that you felt confused! Your feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps us improve the communication and design of the plugin.

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