Webinar List Not showing in WordPress gotoWP Settings, issue with Access code

February 15, 2017 4:53 pm


We noticed this morning that the gotowp settings in our wordpress theme is not showing the list of active webinars, as it usually does, I did a cross check to make sure the settings for gotowp were correct and noticed that gotoWp was now providing a different access token. We had a participant have trouble registering to a webinar yesterday, meaning they never got a confirmation from gotowebinar and their name did not show as being registered even after successfully completing the form, so would like to make sure that the settings for gotoWp in our wordpress site and the current access code we are using is correct.

Below are a couple of screen shots showing the active settings in the wordpress page, also a link to our live webinar page found below.

Webinar: How to Sustain a Safety Culture with Multi-Channel Training

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  • Hi Chase, thanks for post. We removed the image you posted as it had some of your Citrix details which should be kept private. We would recommend visiting app.gotowp.com and generating a fresh Key / Token as they expire every so often. This will typically fix any issues like the one you have outlined. Please keep us posted. Thanks!

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