Webinar Series?

December 2, 2014 5:15 pm


I have installed the basic plugin for our site and set up a gotowebinar series however it does not seem to work with series’ .. does this plugin only support single webinar events? Is there any support in the pro version for this?

Any insight into this would be very helpful as we would like to use this plugin and have as much control over the look and feel of the registration forms as possible.


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  • Is there any development being done to gotowp to take a webinar series into account. Each webinar has it’s own id but there are ways to call the gotowebinar api to pull in all upcoming webinars.

    It would be cool to have the functionality to set a range of dates in the gotowp settings that allow pulling in all webinars up to a specified date or ‘x’ number of days/months etc.

    We require our users to have a list of upcoming webinars where they could then click on any one of them then be prompted with the gotowebinar form to submit.

  • Hi, thanks for the post. We have recently begun to incorporate webinar series into the plugin. Hoping for launch sometime Q1 of 2015… Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Have a great day!


  • That’s great! I’ve been looking into ways to hook into the gotowebinar api to handled this but really haven’t the time or coding prowess to make it work. Really looking forward to seeing what your team comes up with!
    Thanks for the response.

  • Any updates on integrating the webinar series feature?
    Thanks, Sebastian

  • Hi Sebastian, at this time no 🙁 We are currently making a few improvements to keep the plugin up to date with Citrix updates, as well as a couple other issues that have popped up. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day!

  • Ive just purchased and tried to set up gotowp for a series which I didnt realise it didn’t handle till now. Have you any idea when I will be able to do so?

  • @bayacademy – thanks for corresponding via email this week. We will keep everyone posted when the Series feature becomes available.

  • Cheers for your fantastic customer service Brandon

  • Any news on integrating webinar series?

  • Nothing new to report, except perhaps, the more we have looked into it, the more we are concluding it is not currently possible, given the structure of the Citrix data / API. Citrix announced they are releasing an update to the API this month so we’ll see what that brings with it, but currently, this particular feature has moved towards the “not currently possible” section of our development schedule.

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