Webinars that have passed – Delete, Private, New Category?

February 24, 2015 6:32 pm

What’s the best way to deal with webinars that have passed? Should I just delete them from products? Mark them private? Do I need to keep them in the trash folder if I do delete them? Or should I possibly create another post category and put them in there and then remove that category from display? Just want to make sure I won’t be creating any future problems, especially if I include access to recorded webinars.

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  • If you want to create recordings of webinars that have passed, I would keep the product and simply update the Webinar Key value on the individual Woo Commerce Product to match the new value for the recording:


    If you don’t intend to create recordings, it is fine to delete the product. If you intend to re-run the same product as another live webinar, you could always just set the product as a “draft” until you pick the time for the next live webinar, then update the Webinar Key to match the new live event.

    Hope that all makes sense, and please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks!

  • I have switched my webinar key to that of the recording, but during the checkout process there is no GTWP information for people to enter….

    Am I missing something?

  • @majeskimark – It appears from our email exchange that this has been resolved? Just wanted to confirm…thanks and enjoy your weekend!

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