Which version of GoToWP to get?

October 16, 2015 9:22 pm

What’s the difference between the Free/Personal and the $79 GoToWebinar options?

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  • The primary difference is the Paid version allows you to charge for a webinar. You can use either the built in shortcodes + PayPal or Authorize.net to charge for webinar registration, or you can install WooCommerce and sell webinars in a more traditional e-commerce shopping cart format.

  • Hey Brandon,

    Thanks for replying. I finally got around to installing the Personal version of GoToWP. I went through the readme file and configured the id/token and created a shortcode based on trainings coming up. When I add the short code to a page, nothing shows up. Do you have a detailed walkthrough of how to configure the plugin? I found your videos and other writeups but they seem to be for different versions of the plugin.


  • Hey Chris,

    I think you may have already found this, but we’re building a catalog of plugin tutorials here:


    Thanks and enjoy the holiday!

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