Woo Addon not registering clients at GoToWebinar

February 15, 2015 10:42 pm

I set up the software and it seems to work in pulling the registration information and performing checkout, but does not seem to be connecting to GoToWebinar. The registrant information doesn’t show up in GoToWebinar, no registration email is sent from Centrix. Also, the order received page shows the shortcode rather than the WooCommerce details.  Any thoughts on what i’m doing wrong and how to fix it? I’ve looked at the other posts and I’ve regenerated the access token and I’m using the right webinar id…

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  • @Ianimc – not sure what you could be doing wrong. Happy to take a look at your configuration if you want to provide wp-admin and ftp details. It’s working great on our test installation as well as several other sites. Usually it’s a simple tweak to a setting or identifying a conflict with another plugin that does the trick when an issue like you describe pops up. Let me know if you want me to take a quick look and I can let you know if it’s something simple, or if needs more attention which we offer official support options for. Thanks

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