WooAddon Breaks woocommerce pages

May 2, 2015 3:43 pm

My view order page is broken when plugin is enabled. Additionally, My Cart page has multiple proceed to check out buttons. Please advise.


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  • Brandon,

    I could really use some expedient help on this one as my organization is hosting a webinar next week and I need to get this up and running.

  • @scarchedi – given the number of variables (Themes, Plugins, etc) involved on each WordPress installation it is very hard to troubleshoot on a screenshot. If you want to email WP-Admin details I can take a quick look, however, if there are significant conflicts with your theme I’ll have to direct you to premium support options which are available here:¬†http://www.gotowp.com/support-options.php

    Thanks and let me know…

  • Brandon, I sent you a pm with login details.

  • Thanks for posting login details. We’ve investigated and there are 2 things going on.

    1) We are on version 0.63 of plugin and you are using 0.62. This should fix order error.
    2) The multiple checkout buttons appears to be an issue with 2.3.8 of Woo Commerce – which we need to update the plugin to accommodate. We are working on this now and will notify you when it is ready, hopefully, sometime this coming week.

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