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May 28, 2014 8:24 pm

Hey all,
So I just purchased the Woo add on for our project, and I am a bit confused and lost. My first question is: is this an add on for woocommerce or an add on for gotowp? Meaning do I already have to own gotowp in order to use this on our project?

Second, and really the reason why ask the first question: how do you use the plugin? I only see a place to enter my organizer key and access token but that is all, I do not see any options in woocommerce anywhere about selling a webinar (actually I am wondering if it will work with GoToTraining as well, since that is what we are using).

The only thing that I do notice is that my cart and product categories page is pretty messed up, things are all aligned differently than they used to, which is okay for now but I will have to go in and tweak things.  Really love the idea of this plugin, but we need it to work. Thanks!

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  • Shane,

    Sorry, just saw this. We’ve been adding a bunch of improvements to the plugin so I’ve been knee deep in that. First off, thanks for your purchase – appreciate the feedback and hope it ends up working well for you. Second, regarding how to use the plugin, in addition to the settings screen where you enter the organizer key and access token (which you can generate at http://app.gotowp.com), all you need to do to use the plugin is create a Woo Product and enter the webinar ID in the custom field below the product description field. Screen shot below:


    From there, the plugin detects if the webinar is “future/upcoming” or “recording” and renders buttons accordingly. For a quick overview screencast, you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIH9zCHrk1M

    For the rendering of the cart and products pages, 1) make sure your theme is Woo compatible 2) we are soon releasing an update to the Woo Addon which improves the interaction between the plugin and Woo’s default pages.

    Thanks again and please let me know if you have any further questions.


  • Hey Brandon,
    Obviously I figured this out 🙂 Thanks.
    I do have an issue now with the Account Page. There is a link “Watch Webinar” next to ALL of my products even products that I am selling that are not webinars. Also, for all products purchased in the My Account page when clicking the “View” button which normally shows the order details, it basically just refreshes the page. 

    Have you released the update for Woo yet? How can I tell when you have released the update?

  • Yes, this issue “non-webinar” product issue came to our attention a few weeks ago and we’ve been working out a solution. I will send you updated version as soon as it’s ready for you to test. Thanks

  • Cool man thanks. Not to be a pain but is there an eta? Also, is it possible to make this work with go to training somehow?

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