Woocoomerce Product Webinars Registrations not passing information to GotoWebinar

June 27, 2017 5:44 pm

Hey there! could you please take a look at our staging site, we are testing a webinar product and a handful of the functionalities from the gotowp plugin that are not working.

1. Once the webinar product is purchased the information from the registrant is not passing through to citrix gotowebinar

2. The Email from woocommerce confirming the purchase of the webinar does not include the join url link as shown in this youtube video.

Here is a link to the staging product

Academy Integration Test 2

both the virtual and download checkboxes are checked.

I have also created an sftp login and wordpress login for your team to take a look. Please send me a private chat option so I can send those to your team! Thank you so much in advance!

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  • Thank you! Please email to help@gotowp.com and we’ll take a look. When is last time you created access token at app.gotowp.com? They expire periodically, and oftentimes generating a new one solves the issues you outline.

  • Thank you for your speed response gotowp! I actually resfreshed the keys less than two weeks when the webinars were not syncing. Right now we have an actual real webinar registration on the live site and that information is being passed through to gotowebinar…

    Thanks so much!

  • So it sounds like it is resolved now?

  • Hi GotoWp! Actually it is not, I just refreshed the token key again because our live webinar was not syncing with citrix, so it fixed the problem with the live webinar which is using your form shortcode. But I just tested the woocommerce product webinar and that information is not passing from woocommerce to citrix…

  • Hi there, found this thread on your support channel noting that premium version 2-1-0 fixed the woocoomerce product syncing issue, we purchased version , which we have support until Nov, 2017, but when checking the download options only the older version is available, could you please let me know where I can find this updated version, so we can see if that fixes the woocommerce product issue? Thanks so much here is the link I found in your support channel!


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